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Berkline Leather Recliners @Costco..

Anyone familiar with Berkline brand?  Like shopping Costco,great return policy but not familiar w.Berkline.....TIA  lexi

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Re: Berkline Leather Recliners @Costco..

Several years ago, we purchased a Berkline leather reclining sofa from Costco.  We needed something quickly because we just moved into a new house and the price was right.  Somehow my husband ended up bended the reclining mechanism on the footrest of the side that he sat on.  He's fairly big guy, but not overly so.  He tried hammering out the metal to straighten it, but of course he was never able to completely straighten it out.  It kept bending.  We eventually ended up returning it to Costco which was not an easy feat!  When we originally purchased the sofa we had a trailer.  By the time we realized we needed to return the sofa, we had sold the trailer because we didn't have room for it.  In order to return the sofa, we had to rent a U-Haul trailer which was a royal pain.  Would not purchase Berkline again.