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@sidsmom Beating Head On Wall.gif



@sidsmom I am a Friends addict too!

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No to the beams.  My father put the in the family room.

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  Ugly furniture, but nice room. Add some color to a wall.

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Now that's the kind of couch I'd send my husband to if we had an argument and I kicked him out of the bedroom!!  

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Can't even imagine actually living in this room. Beams are out of place in this space.  Can't call it a room, looks like sterile space.  Not one comfortable or homey looking thing in or about the room.  Looks like it would be an old warehouse loft modernized.

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It doesn't look comfortable at all.

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Love everything BUT the furniture.

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Well now... that just makes you just want to kick back and relax now doesn't it...

-Texas Hill Country-
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Looks like a waiting room to me...not that cozy or comfortable that you could fall asleep or relax.

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I like the light and space of this room. There were many directions this room could have taken - this was not one of them. Not a fan of the beams either.