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What would be wrong with it just being a white tile tub without all the trimmings? 

The space looks clean and fresh - I would of kept it plain and simple,

and not all this fussy stuff. It’s a bathroom.


If color is wanted to break up the white, go with colored towels.

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Very original!

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i would say keep either the backsplash OR the flower arrangement.  having then both in that small space is just too much.

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I'd toss the faux plant and use towels that coordinated with the backsplash.

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NO...too much!

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Too much for such a small bathroom. Looks very cramped.

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Too small of a space for both floral shade and plant....



The plant is a definite no....and like someone else said color combination seems to clash too....


instead of white towels I would match the color in the shade to addmore life to the room

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