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For years I used a 3 X 5ft area rug under my coffee table in front of the sofa.  I had several I rotated.  There is a certain type of pad I used under them that kept them flat on the carpet and they never moved an inch.  They add color, pattern and texture to a room.

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@barb40 wrote:

Do you use area rugs on top of carpet, or only on hardwood /tile floors?  I have wall to wall carpeting, except in kitchen and foyer.  A friend told me area rugs on carpet was not a good look.   Would love your opinions !


Thanks for your replies!  Have a great weekend!

I don't see why you can't. I have hardwood floors throughout my house and have rugs all over and haven't had any issues with rugs slipping. I always use a rug pad. 


I think it would add texture and color to the carpeted floors. Try it and see how you like it. If you're concerned about adding height, they have thinner rugs that you can use instead. 

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Only have hardwoods so, no do not stack rugs.

But I know many do put carpet over carpet.


It can a bit of a fall hazard, just something to think about.





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Area rugs over carpet are actually beautiful if done right.  Look on the internet and magazines for examples.  Decide for yourself.  They make ant-slip pads specifically for area rugs over wall to wall carpets.  


Our solid light taupe wall to wall rug throughout saves a bit on our heating costs, adds a feeling of warmth and coziness to the house, but became bland and boring and since it can't be turned around, we didn't want it wearing out in spots.


Added oriental rugs in all the rooms except the kitchen and bathrooms...larger in the livingroom, family room, and under the diningroom table and chairs...others smaller area rugs and runners where we walked...making sure they weren't overdone, didn't look cluttered, and out of place.  


Finding the right patterns and colors that matched the decor was a bit challenging, but a lot of fun. 


We were wowed by how much character they added to the rooms.  


Of course, not everyone likes oriental rugs, but solids and other patterns can bring life to a room, as well.    

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Thanks , Everyone, for your very helpful replies!  I really appreciate it!

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And yes, I do it all the time.

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@barb40  When we bought wall-to-wall carpets for our home many years ago, I didn’t use area rugs on top of them. However, our rooms are easily defined, so I didn’t think I needed them. If we had an open floor plan, I would probably have used area rugs to define the rooms and give them a cozier feeling. We later got rid of the wall-to-wall, refinished our hardwood floors and bought room-size area rugs. 

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I have area rugs and runners on top of my carpet. I believe a person should decorate as they plaease in their own homes. I don't get caught up in other people's opinons when it comes to decorating. Everyone has their own style and taste. If you wanna put area rugs in your home then I say go for it.

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In my home, I have a small carpet in front of the sinks.  They are over wall to wall carpet:



In the mountain house, in front of the fireplace:




They do have ave felt mats under them.

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