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Re: And so it begins

@mominohio - We did our kitchen years ago and it still looks as beautiful as the day it was done. Went from a tiny kitchen with an adjoining dining room and large deck off that to an 800 sq foot kitchen/dining area and deck off that area. There was a 12 ft island and it was my dream kitchen.


That was the only thing I regretted when we sold our house - leaving that kitchen behind, lol.


Good luck - it took about 10 weeks for mine to be finished - thank goodness for the grill!

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Re: And so it begins

@VaBelle35 wrote:

I did my work last fall.  It was between summer and winter and I was able to turn off the ac so the dust didn't travel through the vents.


I had dust settling for months.  I had the whole house painted and they had to do a lot of dry wall repair and sanding. They did a lot of wet sanding, but it was still one big dust pile.


I initially thought there was going to be just a tiny bit of drywall work, but some more has been added. I have to say, I'm dreading that, and mentally making plans to stash a lot of things that aren't hard surfaced (fabric, florals etc.) and easy to clean, upstairs behind closed doors. 


Luckily we don't have any duct work in this house, all electric baseboard heat and no air conditioning, so I won't have that to worry about. What we do rely on in the summer is fans, and that is going to blow dirt around quite a bit, I'm afraid. 


I hope that careful planning, closing doors to other rooms, and covering things with sheets will help us through the worst of it though.