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I wouldn't want it for my house, but you have to appreciate someone who committed wholeheartedly to their theme.

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That tree topper is really something!!!

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I love purple, but this is a bit overwhelming.  Seems like it would be more at home in a "Harry Potter" film.  Mrs. Weasley, anyone?


Having said that, I bet the people who decorated like this would be fun to know.  If invited to dinner, I'd definitely go!

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Does this not scream Mardi Gras?  Actually the blue of the walls I like.  Otherwise, my granddaughter would love it!

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Oh my goodness, that hurts my, just no!

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I like the combination of teal / gold./ silver and a bit of purple but the purple chairs went too far.

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The actual Christmas decorations aren't bad.  The room decor combined with the decorations make the room kind of gothic looking.  Not loving the look.

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A thumbs down in my house, but I could maybe live with it a little better if the walls were not so drab and depressing. A  lighter muted color would make me like the overall look more.

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Re: A Colorful Christmas...

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That's a blue, blue Christmas.


I like blue and I like purple and I like those two colors together, but that room is a clear miss.


I wonder why someone painted the walls, ceiling and wood trim in all the same color.