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This 1921 Dallas house is one of the oldest and smallest in its pretty neighborhood.  It struck me as being fresh and airy, while still retaining its vintage charm.


The entry has its old limestone floors, swoon.  Love the architectural features like the arched, multi-paned doors.



The living room is the opposite of stuffy, yet it retains classic elements, like shutters.  Other little details and hints of classicism is the Greek key-like design of the table, and that classically Greek looking pedestal bowl.  


Designer Denise McGaha hastened to say that the owners' dogs love to "loll" on that white sofa--  and are allowed to because it is upholstered in one of those fab "performance" fabrics.  I like the soft cream walls and touches of blue. 



Peeking into the dining room, the mirrored back of the china cabinet seems to bounce light around.  Love the dining table and chairs.



What makes the kitchen for me:   The coffered ceiling, light, glass-fronted cabinets, and traditional marble.  Welcoming, not cold.



I'm always so jealous of nice laundry rooms, having to endure a dungeon-like cellar one myself!  Nice old porcelain sink.



The master bedroom suprised me.  I thought it would be more conventional, but they obviously like "bohemian" fabrics strewn around.  Gives a more "global" look, and is like an unexpected oasis in the house.



Master bath.  I'd love to have a better look at that tub.



Tailored, yet romantic guest room.  Scrumptious linens!



An aside-- I just loved this little detail of the clasped hands on top of books in the circular basket in the guest room.   Forgot to mention, the house was featured in "Flower Magazine",  so you know they are going to have delightful floral arrangements everywhere.  This bouquet has a casual, "undone" look that I love.




They don't have a huge lot, compared to their neighbors, apparently, but they do make the most of their outside.



Water features are another thing that is so enviable!   Love the stone work.  Almost get the feeling of a beautiful Japanese garden....



Many traditional houses of this vintage can be fairly dark and "ponderous",  in a way, so this one was refreshing to me.

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Beautiful and charming.  I especially love the bedroom with it's bohemian elements.  

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A really beautiful home.

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Absolutely stunning and well done!  The designer balanced everything well and used proper proportions for items like flower arrangements.


I LOVED that embroidered pillow on the bed in the guest room!


Many thanks!  This house was like a "visual dessert"!!!Smiley Happy

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I could happily live in that house!  Beautiful!

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There is nothing bad to say about what they did with that house. I hope the laundry area contains a small powder room. The flowers are so beautiful throughout. I'd personally like the master bedroom to look more like that small guest room. 

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Thank you for sharing this gem of a home. Not only is it well appointed, but is warm, inviting comfortable (all the things that make a home).

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@Oznell. I think it's beautiful.  Thanks so much for sharing.  The master bedroom is a bit busy for me, but, the entire home and grounds are just lovely.

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@Oznell   Thank you for posting this 1921 Dallas House, Oznell.  It's my kind of place, dog included.  

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Very tranquil and sweet.  Looks like a great place for a serene getaway!