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Valerie's Christmas Tree H246430

Did anyone buy Valerie's 5' Snow-Tipped LED  Aspen Christmas Tree in multi the 1st time it was offered?

If so, can you tell me if the tree is good quality?  Are the multicolored lights bright?

I missed the show when it was presented and there isn't a video.

Thank you.

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Re: Valerie's Christmas Tree H246430

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I didn't buy this tree, but I have one of Valerie's birch trees with multi-led lights.  


I think they are lighter than incandescent that IMO are deeper in color, more intense, richer, prettier colors.  The led lights on my birch tree are bright, though.    


Some like led. Lower electric costs and long lasting bulbs.  


Since led's are light, not pastel, though, it's perfect for Easter, so I use it for Easter decorating.  No one thinks it isn't an Easter tree.