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Just saw there are 5 colors of ValerieParr Hill Starry Night Huricanes are back. H260025

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@Dustybird A couple of the colors appear to be missing.  I love the white, thanks for the update.

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Wow! I only made it through 10 pages of the awful reviews, no way I was wasting my time to go through 46 pages!

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There are not 46 pages of negative reviews. There's far more positive than negative and many negative are complaints about not receiving the item, not against the items themselves. Close to 80% of the actual reviews from customers that received the item are 4 and 5 stars. Good enough for me to purchase.

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I didn't say there was 46 pages of low reviews. If you re-read my post, I said that after going through "10 pages of bad reviews" (I sort by low to high ratings), that I didn't bother going through the rest of the 46 pages of reviews.


The biggest complaints I read in those 10 pages were that the lights are faulty.

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Re: Starry Night Hurricanes

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I bought two sets and out of the six light strands one of them did not work at all right out of the box. Other people have mentioned that the lights even poop out a couple days or so after originally working. Soooooo, I guess I really need to run all the currently working strands on timer to see if they give up the ghost. Great.


These hurricanes now available for purchase have to be returns that people did not like for whatever reason. What else could they be? 

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My thoughts exactly.  I love the ones I got in pumpkin and would like another color, no way would I purchase someone else's return. 

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Wish I could have purchased several sets. I would even buy "as is". 

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thanks @Dustybird for the info.....I think. Woman LOL

Yesterday I canceled my wait list order, today I order the black (was

hard to pick a color)

I go back and forth about these, especially knowing I'll probably

get someone's return.  But I'm going for it and hope I won't have

to pack up and return.

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I ordered the black set at 10 am ET, order page showed "processing" with an estimated delivery date of 9/17. Tonight, 8 pm, my order page says "back order". Will my order eventually be cancelled or what are my chances of actually receiving my order?