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All the PJs I ordered for the holidays from QVC last year are either in tatters already or just too plush for th milder winter we're having. I usually order from SOMA, but they seem to have far fewer choices this year. Any recommendations for super comfy ones? I like long sleeves and full length pants.  

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Costco has some fabulous pj's. thick, rich flannel, 4 color options. full sleeves, legs, v neck. were $17; $13 right now. I bought 4 pair and LOVE them. tossed my TWENTY year old jammies, LOL


edited to say the brand is Nautica. super duper soft and warm. 

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Go for QUALITY...............Macys - Vermont Cty Store (I just bought 2 warm cozy quality nightgowns there..........or L L Bean  (not my fav but check it out)

You have many shop for quality

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Everything made by several of the brands QVC carries a is very cheap quality.  I avoid everything made under certain labels.

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I have very good luck with Kohl's and also Macy's.  They usually have very nice selections and they hold up well.  

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@pjoy comfort code from hsn has nice jamies.i actually like them better than cuddle duds.hope this helps!

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I too am in the market~tossing some of my old favorites. I use to find nice quality, good pricing at Marshall's, but it's been years since 8 years. Some of my favs from there were Ellen Tracy knit jammies and also cute Ralph Lauren flannel, menswear style I loved. Was in there recently...didn't see any such quality anymore. All random, unknown, cheapie brands. I'm sure supply chain is limited these days for them.


Lately, (we found these on a buying trip for a boutique I worked for), PJ Salvage are my new favorite flannel, menswear style. Nordstroms carries them...usually around $65.00. But they are a substantial weight flannel (not too hot though), and very cute prints and style details, like piping, nice buttons, substantial ribbon backing for the drawstring. Comfy, warm.


I had been thinking of trying SOMA for replacing my old knit types...hate to buy online...would love to touch and see them. 


I'm going to follow along here see what others suggest. I'm willing to pay higher prices for quality pjs...I've seen the difference and it's worth it in how they fit, feel and hold up.

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LL bean flanel pajamas are my favorite. They have pockets and petite sizes.


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@AngelPuppy1 wrote:

I have very good luck with Kohl's and also Macy's.  They usually have very nice selections and they hold up well.