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Re: How far in advance do you decorate before a holiday?

Throughout the years I've tried to find the right pattern for me, and I think I did a few years ago. Like some others I "seasonally" decorate:


FALL - SEP, OCT, NOV, includes Halloween (only in OCT) and Thanksgiving (as soon as Halloween is over!). I usually start after Labor Day. 


WINTER - DEC, JAN, FEB, includes Christmas, snowmen (JAN - FEB), and a few hearts (FEB). I will not start until after Thanksgiving Day! 


SPRING - MAR, APR, MAY, includes a few green things in March, and Easter. I am usually later with this one - sometime in early March. This is a shorter decorating season for me - but the bunnies stay out through the middle of May!  


SUMMER - JUN, JUL, AUG, includes Memorial Day and 4th of July. I start summer decorating a week before Memorial Day in May. I'm a red, white, and blue person, so it stays up all summer, mixed in with a little "beach" decorating! Smiley Happy