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Just my opinion QVC, too many gourmet holiday shows.  Some days are 7 hours.  That food is way to expensive.  

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utilize the program guide for your viewing pleasure

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@PatsyZ If these shows didn't pull in the bucks, they wouldn't exist. If you don't want to buy anything, don't.

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That's the exactly same way I feel about some of the purses, and appliances, and clothing, and the Philosophy, and the Temptations, and the LocknLock, and, and, and...


Thats why I only watch when something interest me.

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There are plenty of other shows you can watch.  Personally, I do like watching Gourmet Holiday shows.  I purchase Landies Candies, Junior's, My Grandma's and a couple of other brands that are consistant and really good.

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 I like seeing some of the gourmet holiday food...many times it gives me ideas to look for a recipe to make something similar. I love a challenge!

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The Gourmet Holiday Food shows are about the only ones I watch anymore. Love them. The food is expensive but the holidays are special for us and so we treat ourselves.