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I love, love, love it!!!!

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@aroc3435 wrote:

While you are waiting for the kickoff here you might want to check the Balsam Hill website.  It has a lot of information about artificial trees--sizes, shapes, types, and some sales and final clearance at very compeetetive prices.  They do CIJ sales, too.


You can also get a branch sample to see if you will like a particular tree configuration.  I believe they still mail out catalogues by request.


@fingerlakesny   Anyway, just a thought.  And I hope you find your perfect new tree for the best possible price and quality.



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@aroc3435   Yes, to everything you stated.  Last year in June, I bought a Balsam Hill tree of my dreams at a very reasonable price with free S&H  ($250 off the price of the same tree when it sells in season)  I'm glad I bought it in June because in July it was $50 higher in price than in June.  Maybe because people think Christmas in July is always the most reasonable... but not this time! 

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I agree.  My brother who was single and had no children passed very unexpectedly last month. He had the most gorgeously decorated home, both year round and Christmas.  After he passed all the nieces and nephews came and took beautiful keepsakes so they'd always have his presence at Christmas.  So I don't consider my things "land fill" but things I and others enjoy now.   So I think you and I agree Smiley Happy   

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Oh, I LOVE Christmas In July! It's actually my most favorite time of year, so I will definitely be watching with you!  I noticed on the Program Guide that David & Jane T have a Christmas in July special on June 23, 8 p.m.- Midnight! Also, Leah Williams (I adore her) will have a "Leah Loves Christmas" special on Saturday, June 25, 7 a.m. - 10 a.m.  My heart is so happy! Heart Heart

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looking so forward to this

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I saw on instagram today , Valerie will be having a sneak peek on Wednesday the 8 th on Facebook and instagram.  
Time 4 pm ET. 


Looking  forward to CIJ as always , 

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I caught Valerie's live update yesterday.  I always love to see what she has.  

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Thanks for the info jeepgirl. I'll be watching.
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I'll  check it out every now and again.  Going on a vacation over Christmas this year so not even decorating or putting up tree.  Don't want to have to deal with taking everything down when we come home.

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Okay so you're not into Christmas in July.  Many others are.  So just don't watch and keep it to yourself...