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@LizzieInSRQ wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

Oh, I can't hardly wait.....NOT!

Your negativity to others who post about what they like comes off so rude. Do you really mean to be so rude? What if someone posted inside  a forum topic they do not like,  to a post you made, and they posted JUST to say they dont like it. So pointless except perhaps just to be rude.imagine that hmmm

@LizzieInSRQI don't think the reply was rude.  The poster just stated the date, she didn't say whether or not she enjoyed it.  When you post something you get everyone's viewpoint.  I too do not like CIJ.  But, they do it every year.

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Come on now, @Kachina624  was not being rude, I thought it was kind of funny actually.

We have this converstaion every year about this time, some love it and some don't.  It's okay, I'll watch some of it.   I usually enjoy the decor ideas but don't purchase anymore, I'm one of those who have too much already!    All in fun Smiley Happy

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@jeepgrl    Thank you for the alert.  I just marked my calendar so that I won't miss this year's launch of the series.  


I always find some lovely things for gifts or decor and enjoy the early start and having my shopping for Christmas completed so that I can enjoy the season..


Have a great weekend, and again, many thanks.



Washington, DC

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If I'm home to watch, CIJ are the only Q shows I tune in for.  I no longer buy anything but I just enjoy watching.

And if they had FIM (Fall in May) I would enjoy that also..Woman Happy

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@jeepgrl  Thanks for the post! I agree with @aroc3435  about buying during CIJ. The prices are usually the best, and you can reasonably expect to get your purchases shipped in time for the holidays. Besides, by then it will be hot as blazes and we can think about colder weather and snowy days!

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@jeepgrl   Thank you for the post! I don't watch a lot but am happy to know the start date. I love Christmas in July or June. Smiley Wink The sale prices are great and I can get a head start on my gift giving. It's a win-win for me. 

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I love to watch and buy!  I can't buy this year- I need to pare down and use what I have. Too many trips up and down from garage!! 


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I like to watch for something different to look at....


I don't know if I will buy anything because prices are a little high and I really don't need anything....

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@yellowrose  I would love fall in May. Living in the south around this tiime of year I start dreading the summer and the heat. Once September comes I am ready for fall. I may not buy much during Christmas in July but I love watching.  

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Thank you. I'm interested in the good pricing I've found in the past. I fully understand how many people dislike CIJ, but I wish they'd skip on by. This thread is clear about the content.