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I haven't been carrying a handbag since covid, I don't go out much anyway but I would just take my ID and cell phone. I saw this bag A392573 "Save the girls phone crossbody bag"  for $39 and some change so I bought it and it finally came yesterday. It's a very cute bag so I decided to order one for my daughter. I went to the page to order it and the price now is $59 but on sale today for $54 ! I was shocked and the reviews are not very good. Many complain about the size of the phone compartment.  Decided not to buy it.  Anyone know of a better priced QVC cell phone bag with a bigger pocket?

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Re: What a price difference!

Type "cell phone purse" in the search line at the top of this page.   Q has 31 items

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Re: What a price difference!

@Goodie2shoes   I have enjoyed using this item. 


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Re: What a price difference!

@Goodie2shoes You might want to check their website.

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Re: What a price difference!

I also havent been carrying a bag....and most of my friends find it odd


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