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Speaking of metallics ... I read they are making a comeback.  


Clip from:  stylegods dot com/2018-metallic-fashion-trend/


But this year fashion trend is on rewind mode with some twist in the outfits. 2018 metallic fashion trend is inspired by early 90’s rock and roll fashion. The richness expected from fall is definitely on deck, but unexpected shades are changing how people consider their looks. Trust me,feel free to dazzle your look this season.

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Re: Metallic Bags

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For me all year round. Great in summer, but I also like a gold metallic around the December holidays and a silver one in January -- maybe thinking of all the snow we don't get here in So. Cal. (except in the mountains, of course).😁 

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Macy's has some Patricia Nash metallic bags on sale right now:





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I wear metallics all year round. They're nice in the summer, and equally seasonable around holiday time, IMO.

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Thank you all for your opinions.  My silver metallic is a darker silver, so I may switch into that and see how I like it.

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I have a bronze leather Longchamp tote that I wear in the fall, a gold leather coach handbag that I carry around the holidays, and a light champagne Brahmin tote that I wear in the summer. Love them all!

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@hicindy2 wrote:

Macy's has some Patricia Nash metallic bags on sale right now:





@hicindy2 Both of these are so pretty! Heart Heart

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Like any other bag, I think it depends on the color. For me, the silver and golden tones along with the jewel tones are seasonless but perhaps a bit more wintry. The pastel metallics are more spring and summery.

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@phoenixbrd wrote:

@teainlondon  I tried to picture your description and just can't get past the "white panty hose".  I can only envision that maybe on a nurse...but even that is a stretch.  Interesting how fashion changes.



@teainlondon wrote:

Back in the day (hate to say how many years) denim became really popular as regular wear, not just jeans for hard outdoor work. Denim skirts, especially were "in." The outfit was a denim skirt, a nice blouse topped with a scarf, white panty hose and metallic silver handbags and metallic silver shoes (flats). It was the height of work fashion in the school where I taught. I thought it was THE LOOK. I would love to re-create it today; I felt so put together in that outfit. I still love metallic handbags-----love all of them. Silver is my favorite. Sterling or white gold jewelrywere also accessories.




@phoenixbrd, the hose weren't the solid, heavy, thick, elastic white like nurses wear. They were a sheer white--rather sexy in a way. Believe it or not, they looked good with the denim and metalic accessories. Everybody wore them. I hated to see them go out of style or trend.



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Years ago when Tig bags sold at the Q were all leather, I bought a metallic handbag from them. The color is champagne and it's an east-west satchel type bag. It's a little dated, but I can't part with it. When I did carry it, I'm sure it was year round.