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I am so bummed! My Roma 2 is cracking at the base of the straps where they meet the rings. The fabric (threads) are coming loose and the edges are cracking. We spend a fortune on a bag that we are told will last for years to come and then...I don't even use mine every day. I have the Grey and Cream Snake. Anyone else have these issues?
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Re: GILI Roma 2

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@MeganRose This was a big issue with one of the several incarnations of this bag. Many buyers returned theirs at the time but obviously that window of opportunity is closed. At the time this became a factor, there were a number of posts for some sealing product one could buy online that would at least help to mitigate the problem but it's been a while and I don't recall what it was. I do recall that there were several products out there and some of them were available on Amazon, so the best I can do is suggest a search there for any kind of leather repair or sealer and see what pops up. Alternatively, you might want to take the bags to a shoe and leather repair shop to see what they can do. 

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