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I have lived in my house for about 6 years.  I have the front landscaped the way I want and now want to plant some bushes and flowers on the west side of the house.  We are in Zone 5a.  I am thinking about a couple of knock out roses and hydrangea bushes.  But, I don't know what flowers to put in.  I thought about Asiatic lillies, but they only bloom once and I would prefer something that is a continual bloomer.  I would prefer a perrenial.  Any ideas?





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Some that I have along with Hydrangeas and Knock-Out Roses:


Shasta daisies


Black-Eyed Susans

Some varieties of Day Lillies bloom contiinuously

Tall Phlox

Cone Flowers


Spring flowers like tulips and daffodils

Snow drops that bloom very early in the spring/late winter



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Re: What Would You Plant?

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Is the west side sunny or shaded?


Few, if any, perennials are continually in blossom.  You need annuals for that.  However, some perennials will have a second bloom later in the season.


I would go to a good garden store and look for something that appeals to me and coordinates well with plants I already have or am considering.  The staff will be glad to help.  There's a pink coreopsis that might look nice with your hydrangea.  I'm not a fan of knock-out roses.  Around here, they're used a lot in landscaping around shopping centers and gas stations; home gardeners should be more adventurous.  That fruit-punchy color appears far too much in my development, from Summer straight through to late Fall.  Smiley Sad

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I'm a big fan of the shrub roses I have along my walkway.  They form a dense low hedge about 2ft X 2ft and bloom from now through first frost.  Mine are hot pink.  They require no pruning or deadheading.  Once every 6 weeks in the summer, I throw a handful of time release rose fertilizer on them and they bloom like crazy.  I got mine at Home Depot.

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 I live an hour north of Pittsburgh so we have similar conditons.  I have tons of flower beds and I recommend coneflowers.  They come in many colors and heights.  They are lthe longest blooming perennial by far!

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Daylilies are nice and so are Black Eyed Susan's if you are like me and like easy care plants.

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Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers (I have over 30 on my property!), but most won't be able to tolerate full sun, especially in the afternoon.  Roses and Hydrangeas often do not go hand in hand, so I would be careful before planting those together.  I would choose one or the other (depending on sun tolerance) and then put some smaller plants in between.  Hydrangeas and Rose bushes will often get quite large after they fully grow in and that might end up being too overwhelming for your garden space.


Some long-blooming choices:



Daylily (reblooming)


Heuchera (Another favorite that comes in many beautiful leaf colors. The leaves keep their color all season long, but make sure you buy a sun tolerant one).




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My advice is to avoid any type of bush which will develop large roots that will in time, be a big problem around the foundation of your house!   

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@wismiss   You can hire a landscape company to draw out a landscape plan...then you do the work.  Much less expensive, if you are able to plant on your own.


Some of the perennials you mentioned will spread a lot.