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I have had this plant for three years. I keep it well watered during the harsh summers in southern California and it rewards me with beautiful red leaves in the winter.

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@Pixie12 ~ Whatever you're doing, your poinsettia sure loves it!


Merry Christmas!   🎄

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Very lovely and festive!


I like the look of poinsettias, but unfortunately they can be toxic to pets, so I do not want to take the risk.


Given our East coast Winters, the plant would probably not survive outside.

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 Oh sooo pretty!

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Wow~Beautiful! I had no idea they could be planted outside...which sounds ignorant as I type that. ha.


But, as someone said here, I too am in the Northeast...I have a lovely one in my home now, and it will likely last until Easter, when it will start dropping leaves and petals like flies. At which point we always just toss them up here.


Didn't know they'd grow as it has in your garden~Enjoy~and Merry Christmas!🎄🌺

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@Pixie12   WOW what a stunner!!! You obviously give the absolute right care and have the climate as well. Your's is quite a beauty!!!!

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Wow, that’s amazing.

I’ve never had any luck transplanting these outside but I still try. My mother was the only one I knew that could grow poinsettias and chrysanthemums outside.

Yours are beautiful.  Merry Christmas 

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I used to see them as shrubbery against big old houses in the old part of Houston that were 5-6 ft high and very thick and bushy.  I wondered how they survived the occasional hard freezes there. 

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I'm in S. central TX. I have one that was gifted to me two years ago. I thought it was going to die, but I pampered it a bit and it now comes to my hip and is almost 3' wide.


I transplanted it into a large pot after the first year, so I would be able to bring it into the house for colder temps, or freezes. It loves being outside though, so I get it back out asap. It is becoming an effort to move. Pretty soon I may break limbs pulling it through the patio door. It's in my den right now and the red foliage is developing nicely.


The neighbor who gave it to me is amazed. But, I have an older family friend who had a huge one growing, in ground, for a few years. If this one continues to survive, I might have to resort to planting it outside.


We'll see. Right now I'm just enjoying how pretty and festive it is in my den.