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I just checked the Zulily offerings this morning and found many LOGO pieces on sale.  One or two of them are also still listed on QVC (different colors/sizes) - most in clearance or "as is".  Zulity's pricing is below the Q's sale prices.  Does anyone know if Zulily is selling "as is" - returned merchandise from the Q?  I have four items I woulld like to order but Zulily doesn't take returns and I don't want to find I bought something Q is unloading because it was returned or defective.  Thank you for any help you can give me!

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I've bought one LOGO top from Zulilly and was very happy, BUT, if it is as-is product you are really taking a chance. There are no returns. 


For QVC as-is product you can return if not happy but you pay return costs. 


 Today I received my first as-is LOGO product from QVC that I cannot wear. It is snagged on the front and back and has stains on the front.


I sent QVC customer service a message saying when it was received back  by the original purchaser they should have disposed of it because it is not usable. Also for the first time ever I am requesting my return postage not be charged.


 I want to see what QVC does with my request, because it will determine whether I want to buy any more as-is product from QVC. Not having this option of returning to ZuLilly, I probably won't buy from them again.

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I beleive that QVC bought Zulily a short time ago.   Designers have said that the only place we can buy their items is the Q.   Your idea could be a very strong possibility.  This way unwanted items can be sold and no money lost for QVC.   I had wondered what they do with the products that sit on clearance for a long time and taking up space in the warehouse.

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Zulily offers new merchandise only.  If you like it, go for it.  I've ordered a couple LOGO tops.

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"Zulilly offers new merchandise only. If you like it, go for it. I've ordered a couple LOGO tops."  


Reply:  I think it is new returned product like QVC as-is because I ordered a Logo top for 1/2 price that was selling on QVC for full price. Must be a return from QVC or someone else who sells LOGO.

Also no returns on Zulilly products unless their error. 

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I have had 1 experience with Zullily.  I ordered a pair of shoes that arrived and were different than online (online soles were black, in person, bright white) I called customer service and they sent me a return label. And, I got a full credit!  Neat!

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@GCR18  is correct.  Zulily only sells merchandise direct from the manufacturers and/or distributors.  It's brand new, no reruns.  They do not take returns so be sure of your size.


QVC did not buy Zulily.  They are both owned by Liberty Holding and each has its own CEO.

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There are several QVC brands available on Zulilly. I recently purchased two Isaac Mizrahi sweaters and a Linea top that were a lot less than on Q. They are brand new. I think that they are selling a selection of overstocked and slow moving items. 

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I've been very happy with my zullily purchases. One person said they do issue a customer credit not refund if you need to return. I only order things I know will fit.
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My friend called Zulily C/S and raised a ruckus over an item that was poorly made .  She received a refund. Mind you, it was not damaged, just junky looking.  It might have helped when they looked at her buying  record and saw she had purchased quite a bit from them in the past.