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Does anyone have experience with Zulilly?? My DIL has a package a week coming from them, and they are the hottest internet company around right now (just went public and the small group that started it as a start-up all became multi millionaires overnight!). I signed up (it is free) and I find the companies they rep very very interesting. Something for everyone, literally! Clothes, sunglasses, shoes, house items, baby things, maternity clothes...and on and on. Many are disappointed in D&Co. recently, and I found, on Zulilly, so many cute tops and dresses. I am 66. You have to explore the website and find the brands that work for your age, but I did find some really cute things. What amazes me are the prices.....HUGE discounts on every item. Free shipping (?) Have any of you ladies ordered from Zulilly? What is the quality? I am very curious.

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ednapsych, I have ordered several things from Zulilly, but have mostly stuck to brand names that I already know. Even so, I have gotten some good bargins--usually half price, but you have to be quick for the big brands that sell out quickly. They add new brands to their line up often so you should check regularly to see what is featured.

Two things you should know before ordering from them. Most things are not returnable, so you should be sure of size and design before you order. And, second, their shipping takes quite a long time. I think it is because they order from the manufacturer after you place your order and it is shipped to them and they, in turn, ship it to you. It takes a couple of weeks so don't count on getting things quickly like from Zappos or from Amazon (if you pay extra).

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I am another big fan of zulily. The previous post was very good. I get great deals on shoe brands that I know work for me, including Clarks. Great deals on scarves, too. I usually stay away from clothing, as items cannot be returned. In exchange for great prices, you will wait for delivery for 3-4 weeks. Items post at 9 AM EDT every day. Reasonable shipping on the first item; free shipping for any additional items ordered within the following 24 hours.

Don't forget to use Mr. Rebates at zulily. Smile

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I have only shopped with them twice but I have been very happy, once I ordered two pairs of the same shoes and their wonderful customer service was able to change my order before it shipped

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Oh I I understand. So the shipping takes a long time and no returns. That is very very good to know. I think you have a good idea gueendiva...stay away from clothes (they may run small or big) and stick with thinks that I know will fit!! I will look at the shoes again...

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I've been using zulilly for years. Some of their house items you can get at amazon for right around the zulilly ""deal"" price so you do need to be careful there.

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I've liked what I ordered. It takes minimum 2 weeks to receive your order.

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I have ordered from them, a gift for our granddaughter but never clothing because sizing just cannot be trusted and most things I believe cannot be returned, and for that reason I would not purchase much from them.

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Some of the items are quite nice......BUT..... High S&H...

Very slow shipping and All Sales Final.......

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many years ago Zulilly was a very high-end site; the past few years they changed to more discounted/ bargain prices on cute stuff but no returns is a dealbreaker for me