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Am I the only one that doesn't like the women with control pants? They fit beautifully everywhere EXCEPT the crotch area. Crotch looks like cameltoe with these pants. Tried several pairs of them and in several versions. But they are all cut the same in the crotch area. It makes it hard to wear any top that is not a tunic. I have had to return all of them Smiley Sad

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Re: Women with control pants

IMO many of the pants look way too tight on the models & hosts. The WWW & Isaac 24/7 stretch pants both look really tight to me. I don’t mind a slim leg pant, but these look painted on the legs and back side to me. They seem to fit more like a legging. 

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Re: Women with control pants

I find the fit is not consisent.  Loved the first pair I bought when they first came to Q.

The next year I ordered what I thought were the same pants per the description, but they did not come up as high and were not flattering.  Returned and I won't purchase again. I hate spending money on returns.



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Re: Women with control pants

I recently received a new pair of the cargo pants off ebay.  I wanted to try them out without spending much money.  I like them a lot and will keep looking on ebay for another pair.  They fit me just fine. These are not tight like leggings at all. The slim pants she offers looks tighter.. I'm not interested in those.  Only thing is these cargos are marked as tall, but no way is the inseam 34", as stated.  I measured them as between 31" and 32"   I must have shrunk a little because they are still long enough.

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Re: Women with control pants

I think that everyone's body is different, and items fit everyone differently.  I do like Women with Control pants. They fit me and they are super comfortable.

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Re: Women with control pants

If a person is pencil thin and has no cellulite (especially when wearing white) they look fine.  I returned the two pair I purchased.  They gap at the knees and the wrinkles do not come out after washing.

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Re: Women with control pants

I have a few pair & they fit me fine.I like them.

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Re: Women with control pants

I bought one pair many years and didnotlike the material, it seemed to be very cheaply made, the material was thin and never again bought them

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Re: Women with control pants




I LOVE WWC pants!!!   I must have about 20 pairs .... various styles and lengths.  The fit is fab for me!  


I don't have OP's fit issue - but I wear Sheer Energy pantyhose under all my knit pants, and don't wear them that tight.


Some of the earlier ones do get baggy in the knees after wearing them for a couple of hours.  



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Re: Women with control pants

@prats  it sounds like the pants are too long in the rise. I wear a petite size and I can tell the pants are not cut for a petite if the rise is too long.