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Patterned suits-


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Slide View: 3: Button-Sleeved Turtleneck

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A couple of the short dresses I would have worn when I was much younger (early to mid twenties), but otherwise I can only say......what the heck are they thinking, lol. To each their own, but I won't be owning any of these items.
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Two tone maxi dresses-

Jill Stuart-

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Pink plaid blazers-


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Re: Wear Now, Spring Trends

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Here’s a list of the trends you had photos of and my likes and dislikes: 


Black & white check - only if really small checks, no vests


Butterfly accents - I have some jewelry already; would wear a subtle print too, but no scarves for me 


Bike shorts - NO

Crochet - Yes in small details/accents; NO to the crochet pants!

Neon - NO


Pale blue - Yes, like the sporty top with piping

Orange - Yes. I would wear a top, dress, or skirt. No orange pants for me.


Color blocking - Yes, but not in neon as pictured. I would wear it in tops and sweaters in neutral colors.

Mixed prints - Yes to some tops - depends on mix


Safari - Yes

Metallic plaid - Like the subtle fit and flare dress. The huge metallic plaid pants are too much.


One shoulder - No

Feathers - No

Fringe - No

Large squares - No

Zebra - No

Lavender - No 


Ruffles - Ok in small details and accents; don’t like huge ruffles

Patterned suits - I used to own one back in the day! Not interested today. 

Metallic blush color - Yes, but too much metallic shine. 


Pink plaid - No. Prefer more traditional plaid colors. 

Two - tone maxi dresses - No, don’t wear long dresses


Sheer bottoms - No

Tie-dye - No 

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Sheer bottoms-

Tadashi Shoji-

V-Neck Cap-Sleeve Pintuck Sheath Dress w/ Mesh Insets

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Tie dye-

Karen Kane-

Karen Kane - Watercolor-Print Long-Sleeve Tee

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I really like the sandals (black & white) in the first photo.  That's it.

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I have seen a lot of yellow and blue in stores as well. I couldn't resist a yellow scarf at Loft! During the dreary Michigan winter, it should brighten my wardrobe a bit Smiley Happy