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@lolakimono I saw this crochet jacket on the Neiman Marcus site, thought it was so pretty. $64, half off from $128. Comes in white and black.

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Thank you for posting these. It's great to just admire fashion for fashion's sake. I don't necessarily try to picture any of them on me or in my lifestyle. Always loved fashion. I love seeing all the color, textures, and patterns out there.

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@lolakimono wrote:

Butterly accents-



Here is a Carolyn Pollack ring, if you can't commit to butterfly items embellished on clothing.



Or a butterfly scarf, from Echo.

Echo - Giving Me Butterflies Silk Oblong Scarf

That Carolyn Pollack ring is beautiful.  I have never bought any of her jewelry but that piece is tempting!  The British press talked about some butterfly earrings that Meghan was wearing that had belonged to Diana so I figured that butterflies were about to become popular in fashion.

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@lolakimono wrote:

Color blocking-




I love both of these looks ... alas ... I do not look like the models. Smiley Happy

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Love black and the tassels.

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Thank you for all the inspiration you posted here @lolakimono.  Love seeing all the ideas for the coming season.


And thank you for all you do here all year long!!  I love seeing your threads, whether or not any of the pieces work for me or not, I just love looking at fashion.



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Well, I think my credit card is safe for this spring!  I usually get into trouble in the fall any way!

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Mixed prints- new from Johnny Was


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Enjoyed seeing these. I especially like the shirts. I have decided to wear more blouses/shirts. Didn't see any cold shoulder tops. Does anyone think they are done?

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Those are some crazy looking clothes!