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OMG....Who would wear a ruffle on their butt??   seriously?   Smiley Frustrated


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I could not get away with that top. I think I'd look like one of the dancing hippos from Fantasia. Lori's fabrics and colors are great. This one is not for me though.

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I am having a hard time ordering clothes from QVC lately because I just can't seem to judge what will look good on me.  I get something home and look in the mirror and see those extra rolls, a bigger behind then I thought I had, and yes indeed a style that just doesn't look anything on me like it did on the models. Therefore I am going to stick to what I have that fits and try to diet a roll or too away!!  

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I love Logo but I don't like this top.  Ruffles at the widest part of my body?  Big fat NO.  Also, it's too short for a ruffle like that.  I like the coordinating tank with lace at the bottom in the watercolor print.  I wish they had a black version.



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It looks very  juvenile to me.  It also looks like the ruffle sewn onto colonial type curtains.(Priscilla's)

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At this stage in my life, I don't do ruffles.

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This is a horrible TSV.  The ruffle reminds me of those ruffle bottoms toddlers wear under their little dresses.

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Image result for shirley temple images


Stop stealing my clothes!

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Besides, it only looks good on me.

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Good Grief!!!! Today's TSV!!!!!!!!!!

I own some of Lori's designs, but Today's Special Value is the worst TSV I have ever seen since QVC has been on air. I thought fashion is suppose to make you feel confident, attractive, capable, and pulled together. Who would take anyone serious wearing this. This TSV is designed to make a woman look like a ditsy little girl. I don't believe that is the look most women are going for. Lori please empower women, don't make them look foolish.

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Your right. Only someone going for the ditsy female look can pull it off.