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Re: Target/ Marimekko selling NOW!!!!!

@Chi-town girl wrote:

@emmysmom - my orders have also shipped! The store was nice & not chaotic.  A big improvement over past events. The sales clerk said she only saw one lady loading up a cart. Maybe those that tried to sell for a profit on ebay in the past didn't get good results. The 14 day return policy sure causes them difficulties,  lol.


I was able to try on a few items and casually shop. I think the print leggings are cute to pair up with a big shirt. Hoping we can pick up some items on clearance in a couple of weeks. Post if you see any updates/specials!  

Glad to hear your orders have shipped also!..things are much better this year..I will definetly post if I see any markdowns.  :-)

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Re: Target/ Marimekko selling NOW!!!!!

@gardensla wrote:

I was in Target buying something else and noticed that there were only two rack of clothes and each was fully loaded; in the garden section there was a larger display of stuff and that too was untouched, same for the dishes and such in that department.


I don't know what sales are like online, but here in LA, at the two Target's I was in, this brand was a flop.


The chaos of previous Target designer collab events with ebay sellers scooping up inventory to sell at markups/gouging is what I would define as a flop.


Empty store shelves and clothing racks within an hour of a store opening thanks to ebay sellers wanting to gouge Target shoppers, that's a flop.  Add to that scenario, website crashes and nearly immediate sellouts = very disappointed customers. Is that a 'success'???


Conversely,  non of those situations occured with this event. Maybe it wasn't as appealing as LilyP or Missoni. But I also read that Target decided to order more inventory this time and decided to have some inventory in every store (or most?). Previous collabs were not carried in many stores. I'm glad more customers have the chance to shop the event directly with Target.


It was nice for change to be able to try on the items instead of guarding my cart from ebay sellers shopping in groups, grabbing items out of others' carts. Lol, if this was a flop, it certainly doesn't feel like it to me! 

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Re: Target/ Marimekko selling NOW!!!!!

What was pictured here doesn't seem to be too impressive to me at all.

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Re: Target/ Marimekko selling NOW!!!!!

i ordered two tops at about 2:00 pm yesterday and had no trouble.   some items are in-store only so i would like to pick up the round beach towel and the matching beach tote. the loungers looked nice too



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Re: Target/ Marimekko selling NOW!!!!!

these palazzos are cute for $30 but the Mossimos are just appealing for $14


Marimekko for Target Women's Palazzo Pant - Okariino Print - Black


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Re: Target/ Marimekko selling NOW!!!!!

I think this method of creating demand is terrible.  I have no desire to fight over a few items.  I pass on this type of hype.  Wasn't there an uproar a while ago when Target pulled one of these stunts, it was in the news if I remember correctly?  Not a nice way to manipulate customers.