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  • Somebody posted that Sports Savvy, the new line, was supposed to kick off today.  There's not one item in the inventory.  I wonder if could have all been in the Rocky Mount Warehouse?  Very unfortunate situation if that was the case, after the long, eagerly anticipated wait. 


Tune in to tomorrow's D&C show to see if Gary mentions it.


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In December 2005, our family took a trip to Austrailia over Christmas.  I don't remember what airport we were at, but it was somewhere along our route where I did not have access to our luggage.  I was wearing a Sport Savvy kind of track suit, pants and a fleece like zip up jacket.  The pants were kind of dark teal, and the jacket a lighter teal.  It was very comfortable for travel.  Anyway, my teenage son looks at me in the airport and tells me, "That is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen."  Not sure what he did not like about it, but once home, I don't think I ever wore it again.  Stupid kids, LOL.

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i recently discovered some of my old sports savvy pieces in my closet. some were barely worn. i sent them into THREDUP and a few of them actually sold. i will probably NOT be purchasing this line again in its reincarnation.

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I think I bought one outfit of Sports Savvy years ago...didn't wear it much. It will be interesting to see how updated the new line is and what demographic they are targeting now. 

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I have quite a few 2-piece and 3-piece Sport Savvy sets. They still fit me perfectly so many years later. They're hanging in my closet. Various colors - love the jackets as well.

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I have one Sports Savy top in my closet, and I still go for it. It's an ombre. I love everything about it. It's a nice relaxed fit. Seems to go with everything. And always looks good. It's over ten years old I guess.