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I like to wear skorts in the warm months and have a couple "sporty" ones from Lands End that I like.  I was poking around the fashion section of Walmart the other day and found a skort by Lee that is a khaki fabric and a light tan color. Pretty sure there were other colors too.   It's super cute and was about $18.00.  

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I like the ones from Walmart. I just looked the other day for the Susan Graver ones and it seems she quit making them. I love the couple of hers I have. They're so much nicer to wear than slacks or jeans in the summer. 

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I think I have almost every solid color made in the Denim and Co. french terry skorts.  I have some of the prints too.  I get a lot of wear out of them.  I do with they were a tiny bit longer.  I love the front pockets in them.

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The Lee jeans company has always made great items!  love them and wore their jeans on "game day" for my entire career.

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I bought one of the Lee skorts from Walmart last summer and liked it so much, I bought a second one! My previous experience with skorts was with Quacker factory and I found that having a knit short and knit skirt caused the whole thing to ride up and stick to me. The Lee skorts I bought have different material for the skirt and the short. They were worn alot and still look great, so I will get another summer out of them.
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I love the Karen Scott ones from Macy’s.
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Just today on I believe Access Hollywood Live? they featured the latest trend which were vests of all types, and also skorts.

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I got one of the Lee's this week too, but unfortunately a bit short for me.  Our WM had gray camo and it is cute.  Other colors too, plus denim. Likely will wear it anyway when it gets hot.  Our WM wasn't taking clothes returns, but not sure now.  Wish they made them longer!!  

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@RollTide2008 wrote:
I love the Karen Scott ones from Macy’s.

@RollTide2008 I was just eyeing those. I have ordered other things from Karen Scott and have been very pleased! Prices are reasonable, and quality is good.

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I tried to wear skorts but they were too hot. It was like wearing a skirt on top of a pair of shorts...double-layer heating problem.