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Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sun., March 31st)

Good Morning, I know that I wrote the date in the title of the post and am still shaking my head that we're on the last day of March.  Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the beginning of my retirement.  A year in and I have zero regrets.  Retiring remains one of the better things I've done for myself in recent history. Woman Very Happy


In my neck of the woods, March is going out like a lion (instead of a lamb).  Last night I glanced out of the kitchen window and thought why does the grass look so bright?  There's no full moon.  I flipped on the patio light and discovered it was snow on the grass.


Snow was still there when I woke up this morning (ha ha).  The sidewalks were just a little icey.


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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sun., March 31st)

Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Bernie.  Glad you are happy with retirement.  I know that was true of me and many others.  There are exceptions, of course, but most of my friends/acquaintances are happily retired.  


Yikes about the snow.  It is sunny here, and should make it to the upper 70's or low 80's today.  It is a little chilly in the morning (40's), but warms up nicely.  And, now my house is not so cold as it was earlier in the year.  I think many of us are happy that our unusually cool/cold winter is over.  


My hospice visit went well yesterday, and I got my regular Saturday chores done.  I had some trouble sleeping -- usual pattern of going to sleep just fine, but then walking up due to pain and/or troubled thinking.  Last night, my shoulders were hurting -- strange.  And, then I started worrying/thinking about things like taxes and family problems.  I am a little concerned about my SIL since she posted a somewhat unhappy comment on FB.  Hopefully, she will adjust okay to her new living arrangements and job.  


Nothing exciting planned for the day, but I'm sure I'll keep busy.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day.






P.S. Jean has been posting some on FB, and she and her niece seem to be having a great time in Australia.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sun., March 31st)

Bird Mama, March and April can be a mixture of temperatures & I love it.  We are very dry in our area because we didn't get any snow. I took all of the Snowmen down a few weeks ago thinking that we would get a blizzard.  Nope!  We didn't get any of the rain that was predicted for us yesterday and last night.  


I remember when we had a big blizzard at the end of April.  It was my dh's birthday weekend and we had a newborn baby girl & a little two year old son.  I had all of the food that we needed & my DH walked up  the street to work.  I was a SAHM & we were snowed in for 3 days.  We don't get those kinds of snowstorms anymore.


Linda L, I am like you.  My mind can think of a million things when I should be trying to sleep.  Good wishes for your sil.  I think that she moved quite a ways away & was looking for a different job.


It is a beautiful sunny and cool day which I love.  We went to church and are soon heading out the door to an 80th birthday party.  


Hugs to all of you.

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Re: Shopaholics One Day at a Time (Sun., March 31st)

Wow Bernie....snow!   IT is raining here but wam ,almost sixty degrees.....but the bottom will fall out tonight when it goes down to 32..and be chilly all week.  YEsterfay was beautiful and in the 60's.....there is a rain delay in the Yankee game...I hope it gets pLayed.


I have been waking up during the nights tooLinda,....fall asleep for a few hours then I am up for a few seems  to go in a pattern...of course I drink so much water during the day but usually when I do get up I can usually fall back to sleep...


Twinny have a nice time at the 80th birthday party.  I think this year we have gotten our normal amount of snow......but I hope it's behind us now.


Thats about all from here.....have a nice day......Marijane.