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I've known since I was five that I'm long waisted, meaning the length between the neck and the waist.  My mother sewed and pointed this out to me.  Now that I'm a plus with a rather full bust, anoraks are in style again.  I guess they never weren't.  So what I need is a line where the waist cord is lower than average.  They end up looking empire on me.  

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I have the opposite problem with being short waisted. Two years ago I purchased the Dennis Basso anorak jacket for spring and it fit. The placement of that drawstring on the inside and outside is genius. It seems to adapt to you. 

I also have had good luck with Linea and Denim & co. (especially the vests) Perhaps one of these lines will work for you.

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Have you checked out stores such as Old Navy and JJill?   They offer a tall women's line so the body will be long enough but the sleeves might be too long.   Or shop at different stores and try on anoraks to see which anoraks are longer in the body.   Good luck!

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I avoid them for the opposite reason; I'm short waisted, and a drawstring usually falls at the wrong spot. Plus, I have a wide waist, and I don't want to highlight it.


I look for anoraks that don't have a cinched waist. They are harder to find, but they do exist!


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@depglass  I know exactly what you mean.  I am not long-waisted, but I have a DD bra size, so anoraks, peplums, empire waist clothes are all usually not for me.


However, I found a fantastic anorak Spring jacket a few months ago at Burlington.  It's by Jason Maxwell.


Your best bet is to always shop for these type pf jackets in person, since no TV or website will adequately display how it the cinched waist will fall on your body.