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Greetings, shopping friends. I hope this day finds you well, and if not, on the mend. It is a dreary day with temperatures expected to drop to 20 degrees below normal. This weekend, there is the possibility of snow in some areas of our state.


I think I have an order to pick up at the Post Office, and UPS is delivering to the house an order from Amazon. Tomorrow, I venture to the city to get my nails and hair done, and then to pick up my groceries from Walmart. I didn't overdo this order as I will be back in the city on Tuesday to see the orthopaedic surgeon.


This outing will be appreciated. It has been since March 13 that I have seen anyone other than the brief contact at a drive thru window once a week, and the MRI on March 31. I've handled the isolation better than I expected but it has been a challenhe. I live by myself with just the cat. People around here have been taking the "Stay at Home" seriously, so our county is one that does not have any positive cases as of today but people have been avoiding others unless part of their essential work. 


There is some discussion of preparing three different school calendars just in case there is a surge or second round. One calls for school to begin at the regular time in early August; one in July in case time is needed to take off later, and then the third which calls for school to begin after Labor Day. No one knows what direction this virus will take on its impact, but it is good to be prepared.


Yesterday, knowing that beef was in short supply, I checked out Omaha Steaks for its burgers as they have a variety. They were in stock yesterday; today, there are no burgers of any quality but they will notify you when available.  


I hope you have a good day. Set some goals and work toward achieving them. You may not be able to control some things but there are some goals that can be accomplished if realistic and under your control. I did call my favorite donation center in the city and they are open for donations only. My goal for the afternoon is to find some things to take there tomorrow.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely---and be safe. Post if you can; communication at this time is important!

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  You are fortunate that there aren't any positive cases in your county.  On the other hand, my county has more than 1,400 cases plus 116 deaths.  And, there really has not been that much testing done here.  However, I know that our numbers are much better than other areas like Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. 


There was a big article in the very local paper today about the re-opening of some businesses here, including restaurants that will be allowed to reopen for table service starting next Monday.  Not all of the restaurants will open, of course, but I am certainly not prepared to take my chances so soon.


I know you always appreciate Midnight, but I am sure having a pet at this time is great for someone living alone.  I really would like one, but......


Today I will be getting my new hearing aids, and I am very excited.  Hopefully, the audiologist visit will be as easy as last time and I won't need to sit in the car since it is even hotter today than last Thursday.  Instead of record lows, we are having record or near record highs, and it may reach 103 or 104 today.  I went on my walk even earlier this morning, and it was pleasant.


That is wonderful about your donation center.  Neither of my favorite centers are ready to re-open soon.  One benefits the animal shelter, and they are losing lots of money from lack of sales.  There have been cash donations, but not enough to match what they make from their store.


I have been reflecting on the past, and I think perhaps my Dad was a victim of the previous large pandemic in the U.S.  I remember him telling me about having pneumonia as a kid, and being put on the unheated front porch with blankets so as not to infect the others in his family.  Too bad that I will never know for sure.


The one thing I have been doing to excess is walking/exercising, but it seems the only thing that I can do without causing stress if that makes any sense.  I am sure that I will be getting in less steps when things return to some sort of "normal".


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.





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Hi Everyone!


Today it is cloudy, cold and raining. It appears that the forecast was correct. Rain and cooler temps for the next 4 days. On the up side, I won't have to worry about watering the plants. We've had frost warnings since Sunday night. I watched the weather channel last night and it looks like we will miss the snow. The dogs will be disappointed. I just put all the covers away yesterday. Everything is too wet to pull them back out and put them on. I will have to hope for the best. Fingers crossed.


I just received the set of 2 storage bags for the work room project. They are very nice and heavy duty. That's the last storage item for that project. Once again I should have ordered 2 sets but only ordered 1. I gave myself a small budget for this type of thing and I'm actually sticking to it. I'll make due with some wooden crates that I have down there and then it should be done. My goal was to make it a bit secure and contained. Everything needs to be covered since we are actually using the work room for it's original intent. 


I had to chuckle to myself last night because every time I'm clicking thru the guide I find a Shoe shopping with Jane program and it's the same program. I still haven't seen the entire program. That's good. I haven't found the sneakers that I want and I don't need any more sandals. I did a quick organization of the shoe bag and found 2 pair that I forgot about. It's a good thing because they are both in blush and I'm a "sucker" for that color in anything. LOL


I ordered the dogs biscuits this morning. They are from a tiny company and are all organic. so sometimes there is a wait. This keeps them stocked for months which works better for me. Tryimg to find any food item that both dogs can eat or will eat was a bit of a challenge. This is the first time I've had 2 GSD's at one time. When they were puppies it was like having twins with the bathroom "issue". LOL  


Stay safe & comfy.  Have a good afternoon/evening. 

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Linda--I do hope that your hearing aids work out well for you. You  are doing great with your exercise under the current challenges.


Fressa--Enjoy your organizing itemss. It is great when you receive an item which satisfies yoiu. You are joining us with the cooler temps.


Our state is  very gung ho on data and making sure that the data is uniform in the way it is gathered and disseminated. Our state has a very high percentage of elderly and those with health issues, so from the start it has been emphasized to protect them by staying away, wearing PPE's, etc.


In the United States, the cumulative percentage of people tested is 2.278% but in WV the percentage testerd is 3.337%.    When it comes to the percentage of test results being positive, the US is 15.84% but in our state it is 2.24%.


I am listening to the governor now. He is ordering that all people in assisted living facilities be tested, and that all staff in Day Care be tested before they open. He had previously ordered all nursing home patients and staff be tested. Most of our deaths have been in nursing homes. The National Guard ensured that the testing was done in the targeted groups.

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Jean, after getting a drizzly rain all day yesterday, it's a beautiful sunny 60° today.  We might have a frost here on Friday night, but it's too early to plant anything yet.  I hope that you enjoy your pkgs when we get them.  Enjoy your day out & about tomorrow.  We started to self distance ourselves on March 13th too.  We are still in it for the long haul.  Better to be safe than sorry.  We were able to get rid of our donations last Saturday when we were in the capitol city.  It was at a drive thru Good Will.  I could see inside the building and it looked very neat, clean and organized.


Linda L  that is interesting about your Dad maybe being in the last pandemic.  My Mom was born in 1920 & I can remember her saying that she had something that was very scary for her parents when she was a baby, but I am not sure what it was.  I can remember when my sister had Bulbar Polio in 1952 and my parents quarantined me at home while my sister was in the hospital.  That antiseptic stuff that they used was awful & I can still remember the smell of it. I hope that your hearing aid purchase is a good one for you.  My DH has an appointment tomorrow at the Hearing Aid Center in town.  Since his are 5 1/2 years old, I talked him into getting two new ones for $3,200.  He has had good luck with the last two pairs.   


Fressa, it rained here yesterday and my DH was so happy to fill up 15 ice cream pails.  Our newly planted grass seed is starting to grow.  Yippee.  I am glad that your storage bags are working out for you.  I like to be organized.  I think that it's a hobby for me.  I don't need shoes, but I do enjoy looking at them.  


Since its so nice out today, I rode my moped downtown for my walk before lunch. 


After hot tubbing, I helped my DH dig up several day lilies from the back of the house to  transplant them to the side of it.  I dislike doing anything that involves dirt. I have been pampering my nails for two weeks with Burts Bees lemon butter cuticle cream and an herbal cuticle balm. They are looking so much better than they did.  Then I picked rhubarb for the first time. 


I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow for strawberries & what ever else we are out of.  I am looking forward to baking some rhubarb strawberry muffins and a short cake.


I am going to have a lazy afternoon.  My legs are tired & I know my limits.


Hugs to all of you.

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Hello All,

Haven't been on in awhile and just wanted to say hello.


I was just on the CDC site.  I came accros some interesting information about the 1968 pandemic (H3N2) virus which was also known as the Hong Kong flu.  In the US about 100,000 people died.  So in 1968 I would have been 10 years old.  I do NOT remember any health panic or anything particular happening within  public health guidance as is the case now.  I know approaches to health care were different then but I just found that interesting just the same.


I have watched a few shows on QVC but haven't purchased anything.   I am curious as to if there business has gone down or maybe increased since shopping in stores is not happening for many.



I hope everyone is doing well, take care.   Gayle

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Hello all, I am grateful that the sun came out this morning and stayed out Woman Very Happy  The past two days have been dreary until late afternoon/early evening and that's not my ideal time to get outdoor related things started.


I picked up some decorative lawn stakes for the pet cemetery prior to the stay at home order declaration.  I figured the weather was nice this morning to go out there to say hi to Spottie (my dog), Benji (Ma's dog) and Ma (her ashes are with Benji).


I then stopped into a different local Meijers to pick up some dental floss and odds and ends.


It was nice to drive further than my usual Meijers.  Even if I didn't mingle with people it was good to get out.

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