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Hello, UPS just delivered a bubble wrap shipping envelope that contained the Quiko egg food treat and the bottle of powdered daily multivitamin.  I knew I was in trouble when I picked the envelope up off the floor.  The vitamin is fine, the Quiko egg food treat bag split and the contents were inside the bubble wrap shipping envelope.  Sigh!


Amazon is refunding the cost of the food - I was not inclined to give them a second chance.  I placed an order with Chewy and I hope they do better.


My state case count is now 1791 with 24 deaths.


Yesterday, our governor shut the state down more or less and all I could think was - took you long enough Gretchen, it's about time.


I think the federal response to this has been pathetic and this point I expect the absolute most from my governor.  Save the wha wha wha about the feds doing nothing and get your rear in gear and be proactive. 


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@Bird mama Bernie--Sorry about your delivery from Amazon. Hopefully, the Chewy order works for you. I have had good experiences with Chewy.


If there is anything that stands out from this crisis is the great leadership shown by many of the State governors. Our state is full of seniors so it could be very susceptible to the virus spreading and killing many. Hopefully, our Governor acted in time; the reality, however, is that some will do their best to ignore recommendations because the world revolves around them.


I just got my shipment of the paper towels from Amazon. I think there are a total of 1440 paper towels ready to go. At the use of 10 a day, that will last 144 days. At 20 a day, 72 days. If this works out well, I might do another purchase for use around the house. In the meantime, the box is undergoing its 24 hour airing on the deck.

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