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I don't think they invented size 00 until a few years ago -- maybe 15- 20?  Anyway, I used to be 5'4" and about 95 pounds, and I wore size 5 junior.  Until I was 40 or so, I did not hit 100 pounds except when I was pregnant.  After 40, I made it over 100 pounds (maybe 105), and moved up to size 8 petite (or I shortened it to be petite).  Since then, I have gotten shorter (currently 5'2") and weigh more (usually between 110 and 115), and I'm still wearing size 8 petite for the most part.  I think they have changed sizing -- not just here at the Q.  But, I missed out on being a zero, double zero, or even size two, or three.  I think if they had size 4 back in the day, I could probably have fit it, but....   Oh well......  I'm not dissatisfied with my weight, and there is nothing I can do about the height part. 


I think it is odd how some show hosts emphasize their small size -- over and over.  And, they seem to wear clothing that is too small even for them.  Seem to be hung up on the number/size which is just plain silly to me.