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'Well, we made it back, lol. Hubby and I are both exhausted. Neither of us took time to eat, so we had Dominos's that for fattening, haha.

A friend of mine who worked in the city office of the company that I retired from, got released from her position of 9 years due to cut backs (couple weeks ago), she is 59 and still needs to work for insurance coverage mostly. Anyway, she had applied at a company in the city who also had a facility here in my town that I was worked with daily, so she had asked me if I could be used as a reference. Of course I told her she could. Anyway, on Memorial Day I got a request from that company for a recommendation which I was happy to write for her. She got an interview last week and today she called to tell me she got the job. I am so happy for her and tickled that I could help her, in any way. It made my day really.

Hope everyone has a good night. Waves...

"To each their own, in all things".