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Well she certainly can afford them , not that they do anything for her just make her look chubby and odd! . I wouldn't be caught dead in them😁 Her place in Italy is beautiful , but she refers to it way too much . Everything she cooks now is somehow referred to as what she makes at there house in Italy. And I haven't even watched daily so don't know really how often she refers to it🤔 I don't know if anyone else ever noticed , but whenever a quest is on cooking she will either explain everything they are doing or repeat every word the quest says about the recipe. Let that person tell us about there recipe geez! It's like she can't help herself or doesn't want to be shown up or something . She is also kind of mean and bossy with John, then I think she catches herself and covers up and is then sweet to him. I'd hate to be married to her . I like her sister wish she would be on more . She seems very sweet . I enjoy her sweet recipes.

@Kitty Galore   ITA, her persona has completely changed from the gracious, polite show host when she started the show.


The Italy references (constantly) gets tiresome and a little "holier than tho". I used to watch her while cooking our dinner as background noise, but now quite annoying and I listen to the news (BTW, not pleasant either) and may switch to some classical music. 


Uh, why does the audience applaud for cheese or garlic?Lol




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@Kachina624   Just my opinion, if someone's cooking on a show, I prefer a much neater pulled back, too so I don't find long strands in my food.


She's gotten sloppier since purchasing her home and all the gardening in Italy, spending a lot of her time there...


I don't think the "look" is appropriate for a network cooking show and surprised the execs don't step in.

@Shanus    I used to watch her occasionally but she lost me when her husband started appearing regularly.  He adds absolutely nothing and looks like an unmade bed.  I bet their house is a cluttered mess.

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Jeans are a definite "No" for me..........btw, what happened to her hair??  She used to have a beautiful head of hair........

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I really like these jeans. I looked into them about three years ago, but the price was and is prohibitive for me.


I am tall, sort of lanky, with scoliosis curvature of the spine, which causes my back ribs to bow out on one side, plus my upper body lists to one side. I deal with the pain and need to mask the appearance by the way I dress.


These jeans would be perfect for my body with the way they are cut.

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I've seen them also- Awful looking

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my question is 



is why would anyone want to dress like Rachael Ray? She is dumpy and frumpy looking at best... her hair looks straggly and dirty... she looks unkempt and hardly a fashion icon.... Just WHY?

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She used to put more extensions in her hair.  today her hair was pretty flat and she did a rewind with 2 pizza chefs and she had extensions then.    Losing hair sux.  big time. estrogen. love it while you still got it.

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I don't watch or follow Rachel Ray.  If this picture is how she appears on her show, then the comments about being frumpy, etc  are true.  Not a good look.




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I kind of like those jeans........maybe there are 'copies' out there, more affordable.


I love viewing their home in Italy.  


I like Rachael's energy and optimism. 


  A couple of years or so ago, they lost their home to a fire, and later their dog due to old age. 


Thinking positive after those circumstances is to be admired.



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The jeans look like a home sewing project gone wrong.