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I noticed the sunglasses have gone up in price. I read the company was bought by someone else. I also noticed the styles aren’t quite the same as a year or so ago. I loved styled like The Timeless. Anyone else notice this? 

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@Harlow1957   Welcome to the Forums.


What are you wanting to buy nowadays that hasn't increased in price?  Maybe the prices would have gone up no matter who owns the name.  How can we know that?


As for the style change, I think companies keep changing styles because that's what sells.  I know if I already owned those glasses (I don't) in one style, I wouldn't often be tempted to buy the same style again.  Of course, I'd be disappointed if I had postponed buying any in a style I really intended to buy one day.

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They recently showed a collection of fit-over styles that were the most horrid muddy colors I ever saw.  I wouldn't have chosen a single one of the choices to buy.


I have bought a couple pairs of Prive readers and was not happy with either pair.

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Name something that hasn't gone up in price.  

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I have half dozen pairs of Prive Rivaux fit overs and like them very much. I want black, brown, or tortoise sunglasses so the colors aren’t that important to me.