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No printed pants for me.
"To each their own, in all things".
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Fortēs fortūna adjuvat
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I love printed pants but not the cropped ones.  They look awkward to me. 

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Bryn Walker Oliver Pant

IC Collection Newspaper-Print Pants


MICHAEL Michael Kors Keegan Chain Print Pants

White:MICHAEL Michael Kors Keegan Chain Print Pants

Vince Camuto Fresco Stripe-Print Soft Pants

Bryn Walker Plaid-Print Pants

Westbound the PARK AVE fit Floral Ankle Pants

Keepsake Floral Foundations Pants

Trina Turk Moss Pants

I.N. Studio Dot Print Sateen Ankle Slim Pant

Lauren Ralph Lauren Floral Wide-Leg Pant

Vince Camuto Floating Leaves Flared Pant

Democracy Animal-Print Camo Challis Twill Jogger


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Fortēs fortūna adjuvat
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I think the print pants are cute, but I can't get past they remind me of PJ's. 

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I love printed pants.  I think the trick to being a chunky girl (such as myself) who's also old (me) with a big butt (me) is to not have them be tight.


I have several pair of printed Isaac (and a few Susan's) pants I wear in the summer.  They are real big but they definitely aren't tight.  They are just cotton with some spandex (so I can eat).


I hope they are in style.  Some of the tight spandex I see very large, I'm talking 3X women wearing you can see a mole on their fanny.  


Why do people think just because something is sold, they should buy it and it will look good on them.


As a chub (XL and 1X) woman I believe every woman should love herself (women rule the world, look around).  However, sometimes I think some women should invest in a long mirror.


Here's a thought.  If a man walked around in some of those spandex tights (or whatever they're called now) with just a top that doesn't cover their fanny wouldn't you think that was gross?  Why is it any different for a woman?


Phew!  You didn't even ask for these comments.  I apologize; but it's like a creak in my neck (drives me crazy to see it).  At least most of them are black.  My own daughter 35 had on Yoga pants when she visited me recently.  Her shirt didn't come down long enough.  I took her into my bathroom (full length mirror) and said, "Nothing".  I didn't say anything.  She looked and said, "I see your point".  She's beautiful.  An unbelievable figure.  She is very curvy.  She came out with the same yoga pants but the top came further down and she looked amazing!


Good grief!  I'm not a fashion maven.  I'm 70 years old this year. I'm just giving my opinion.


I'll keep wearing my printed summer pants (the not tight ones) but if they look bad please do me the honest favor and tell me!

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I am happy to see vertical stripes!  Very slimming and you appear taller!

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Fortēs fortūna adjuvat
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