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I love the maxi look and this year I bought two of them. Hubs really dislikes them. I have nice legs and he doesn't understand why I would totally cover them up. Usually I go with my own style whether he's crazy about the look or not, but this maxi thing really bugs me. I am going to shorten them to knee length.

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I saw a lot of people wearing them around here last year but have not seen any this year. I am short and hate long dresses. I do not even wear one when I got married. LOL

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Last year I saw many among younger, thinner women, even young moms.  This year, not on these women as much, but now am seeing them on the 60+ women and others, but definitely fewer maxi sightings.  I don't have one as I am over 60, size xl, and shorter.  I feel like a walking disaster in one, larger than life, sailing along in yardage.


I do think they are very pretty and great for summer, and I admire them on others of all ages if put together well.  

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They aren't wildly popular where I live, but I do see them.  I'm on the short end of the height spectrum and don't think long skirts/dresses look good on me.  IMO, they make me look shorter; I don't need that!  


I do like the look, just not for me!

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I don't like maxi dresses at all.  The prints and styles are pretty but I just don't like them and wouldn't wear them.  I'm 5'4", maybe I'm just too short to wear them well.  Just don't like the "look".  I think knee length look best on most women. JMO

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I tried the Linea ombre maxi dress when it was introduced last month. Beautiful dress, but it was more of a "miss" than a "hit" for me. I love the concept though, if you're built like one of the tall & thin Q models.
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I prefer midi dresses. I don't see a lot of them when I'm out and about. I made a point of really looking at people on Sunday when I was out to dinner at a restaurant that is considered "fine dining". The restaurant was packed and no one had on a maxi dress. I did the same thing the day before when I was at IHOP and again - not one maxi did I see. I have a couple of maxi skirts that are made so that they can also be worn as dresses. That's always how I wear them


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I think it all boils down to personal preferences, as in everything. I personally don't really like maxi dresses/skirts and don't really see many of them being worn in my little corner of the world. I find, especially in hot, humid weather that having that fabric wrapping around my legs is uncomfortable and does not (as they say in the sales pitch) create air flow/air conditioning for your body. I much prefer dress/skirt length to be at my knees.

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I live in an urban area and shop in many different areas of the city. I see them everywhere, on all ages ,sizes, and locales ! I had a young neighbor mother of 2 toddlers that loved them and wore them most of the summer , even did yard work in one! That is not me though. When I was a teen (100 years ago Smiley Happy ) 'granny dresses were a short lived fad--couldn't wear those. I was an adolescent  when women were finally able to start thinking of wearing 'slacks' to more formal occasions and did not HAVE to wear a dress. I always thought that was wonderful. I would hate to have to wear dresses, but if I want to great! I am glad there are choices.

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Oh, they are popular. I always own one or two. Only the last one I bought was too short. (annoying, as it's really pretty, a TS from HSN in black and white.) 


I like them for going out in evening, semi-dress, resort wear, cruises. If it's not a dress, I own a skirt and wear it with a tee.