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Evine Live sells tons of Maxi Dresses. Are they really that popular?

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Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are extremely popular where I live and everywhere I've visited lately.  Every retailer is selling them, at all price points.  Women love them and are definitely wearing them. 

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I like them and have worn them for several years. They are popular as Chrystaltree said.

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They're definitely popular around here.  I see them everywhere, from church to the grocery store.  A maxi feels so cool in our hot, humid weather! 

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Very popular here in Chicago.  I ordered two of the Maxi's they have as their TTV today last night and then this morning after looking in my closet I decided I had to cancel them.  I have soooo many maxi dresses as it is.  They are kinda like potato chips for me.  Smiley Happy

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Also very popular in my resort area of Fl.

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I don't really care how other people dress and if I liked maxi dresses, I would wear them more but I don't see them a lot around here except at  showers and graduation parties now. 


I did attend a graduation party Saturday and there wasn't one maxi.  Lots of dresses but they were all above the knee.  I never see anyone in a maxi grocery shopping or even while I'm shopping and running around on the weekends.


I don't think they are appropriate for many work environments as I find there to be a real casualness to them if they are a true, to the floor maxi.  Evine does way too many at a top value.  It's just about all they've offered as a TTV over the last couple of months.

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maxidresses and wedge shoes are a staple in my wardrobe...just wished more brands offered petites

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i have been buying maxi skirts and maxi dresses for the past 5 years or so. i love them! cool and comfortable, i can wear them to work, to shop, to go out to dinner, to just do errands. love the look and love how you pretty much dont have to do a lot of thinking, especially with a dress. all you have to do is add your jewelry, find a shoe, and you can be out the door quickly.

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Very popular in the south.  Good way to look feminine in the heat.