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Re: Lookbook: Rag & Bone

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I think it is need to see jackets such as this worn with joggers.  That gives you more mileage from a jacket that could be expensive.  It takes it down a notch or two.  The lady is probably short and is using the stripe down the leg coupled with the heel is to make her appear taller and leaner.  Note the whole composition and angle of the shot.  A short woman being made to look long-legged, long-waisted.

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Not a fan of this combo.

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Ugh, terrible look in my opinion.  Not to mention that joggers, no matter how expensive, should be worn with sneakers.  I think they look ridiculous with boots or shoes of any kind.  

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Hideous.  She looks like she got dressed in the dark.

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O.k. on a model in a photo but not in real life!Woman Wink