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What do you think of the combination of joggers and tweed?

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Maybe I could get used to this look in a few years, but that would be doubtful. 

‘The tweed idea passes on a “business” level, but the joggers don’t, IMO.

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I'm going to have to pass on the tweed and joggers.

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Don’t like it at all. Not for me. I’ll pass. 

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Do not like the look. Jacket would look good with a white or navy skirt.

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Oh, the combination is awful ... but I like the jacket.  In fact, I think I have a sweater in the same, or very similar,  plaid.

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awful!Robot tongue

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interesting. I can see it being interpreted in my everyday world for shorter people who carry a little more weight.

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I like the look of the jacket with the joggers (that look like they’re nice quality).  I’d change the footwear! To me..that’s what throws the whole look off 

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dont like it at all.

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