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This top reminds me of a tablecloth and it's only $81 & change.  Now Logo has some cute tops but this is over the top and so is the price.


LOGO by Lori Goldstein Long Solid Tank w/ Embroidered Panel at Hem - A288010




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Love this top ~ just ordered two colors : )

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This post has been removed by QVC because of unkind comments

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Looks like my grandmas table cloth and makes everyone look pregnant in it.  And $81😳

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Watching both sk and lori look like homeless people with their multiple layers. Then lori had the gall to put a window pane blouse with a dress of print, hurt my eyes if looked so horrible.

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Image result for 1940's cleaning lady with bandana

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I think that Lori is running out of ideas.After all she has several shows a week.Her prices have also skyrocketed.

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I think the prices are crazy high since they now go to 5x.I wear a size that is half of that amount of fabric.Sorry but how can xs and 5x be the same price when they keep talking about how expensive the fabrics are.

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When we discuss fashion, inevitably somebody bring up the escalating prices of Logo, Susan Grave, D&C, etc.  Why does nobody mention the riduculous prices of the goop sold by Dr. Perricone, PT Roth, Dr. Denese., etc?  They probably use 50 cents worth of ingredients and charge something exorbitant.   And there's no proof these products do a darn thing.

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