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@Kachina624 wrote:

When we discuss fashion, inevitably somebody bring up the escalating prices of Logo, Susan Grave, D&C, etc.  Why does nobody mention the riduculous prices of the goop sold by Dr. Perricone, PTRoth, Dr. Denese., etc?  They probably use 50 cents worth of ingredients and change something exorbitant.   And there's no proof these products do a darn thing.

Lol I think they do over in the beauty forum. 

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I have a personal issue with lace on the bottom .... and I'm too old to change my thinking about it .... (actually, I don't want to change my thinking about it.)


I grew up when women wore lace trimmed slips and lace hanging out under another layer automatically makes me think her slip is hanging.  '


I just can't bring myself to wear a lace trimmed top.

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To answer your are in the wrong forum, lol. I do not at all mean that in a rude way. I mean...I would never put cold plasma on my face. I know better. But the forums I go to for skincare are very specific. Try reddits subforum skincare addiction. Very informative on different goop's we can buy. Also look for reviews. Not YouTube girls who do not have any real background. Try my subscription addiction. It's based around monthly beauty/makeup/clothing subscriptions but has tons of reviews of items very commonly sold on qvc.

Perricone has a good vitamin c serum but you can get it at Ulta half off right now. And buying super green supplements for anything more than 25 dollars is insane. I use a super green supplement that I get for less than 20 dollars a month and it's organic. 

I think we have all noticed the price hikes lately. It stinks but at least we can help each other by offering alternative solutions to one another.👍

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I love it. I would like to have the black.

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I thought it looked a little too much like a dress but perhaps over a cropped legging it would be cute. I think it would balance it out a bit


I had a or I should say I have, a similarly excessively long top which I had every intention of shortening but it ended up looking really cute over leggings!



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Clothing with lace hanging out reminds me of the old whispered phrase to a friend, "Your petticoat is showing".............

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I would say that is a "miss". JMO.


Amy and Courtney K are lovely and wear clothes well, though I didn't think this suited either of them.

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This top is way over the top in pricing. It's way too long especially for shorter women just like Amy & Courtney K. I looked hideous with those massively embroidered jeans too. It's too long for anybody to be a 'tunic top'. Looks like it should be a dress.


Logo is all just plain ugly, SO so tiresome looking at this stuff she makes. All the fabrics are too thin which is why you forced to put on layer after layer after layer just to be somewhat warm if you wear this stuff in cold weather. In fact it's just not at all cold weather styling.

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LOVE LOGO!  Love her palettes and styles.  Get with the program.  In my opinion, Susan Graver is nothing more than 70's polyester with the loud prints, and meant for 90 year old woman

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GWTP.  An obscure, but not-unheard-of acronym.


Regarding this particular top, I simply cannot, GWTP.

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