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This top is way over the top in pricing. It's way too long especially for shorter women just like Amy & Courtney K. I looked hideous with those massively embroidered jeans too. It's too long for anybody to be a 'tunic top'. Looks like it should be a dress.


Logo is all just plain ugly, SO so tiresome looking at this stuff she makes. All the fabrics are too thin which is why you forced to put on layer after layer after layer just to be somewhat warm if you wear this stuff in cold weather. In fact it's just not at all cold weather styling.

@PINKdogWOOD   Logo has a lot of French terry that is fine for winter.

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........Why does nobody mention the riduculous prices of the goop sold by Dr. Perricone, PT Roth, Dr. Denese., etc?  ...... (snip)  And there's no proof these products do a darn thing.




Maybe because no one watches those shows.  I never tune into that stuff ... I equate them all with snake oil.  No matter what you smear on your face and body ... you are still going to get old.  


There's a myth about Tithonus, a Trojan prince.  Whenever anti-aging is mentioned, the myth comes to mind.  


He was granted immortality but forgot to ask for eternal youth.  Too bad Dr. Pericone wasn't around then!  Good story ... read the whole thing if you are interested.  


"As a result, Tithonus aged and did not die, resulting in his strength wilting away to the point that he could no longer move his arms. All he could do was babble continuously; in the end, he turned into a cicada, hoping that death would come for him as well."

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Judging by the Beauty forum, people do watch the shows. And I'm sure there have been similar threads about prices.

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