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Not all of it is clearance priced. The toggle jacket I want is still regular priced.Woman Mad

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I have found a few things in the JCP line. I know not everyone likes JCP, but I can usually find one thing in their Liz line that I like each time I stop by the store. It never hurts to look. I have purchased tailored trousers and work appropriate tops. I also have 2 a-line skirts from a few years ago that are great for summer. 

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Re: Liz Claiborne New York

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I brought this matter up about a month ago, I think they are discontinuing it, JMHO.  I did buy a clearance pointelle sweater cardigan & shell, for the fall/winter!


I worked in retail about 3 mos. in the womens dept. where Liz Claiborne was sold back in the early 90's, and it was the most popular designer back then, and I have always like the style.  I am now a big Lauren Ralph Lauren fan, which is similar to old Liz styles!

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I don't miss the LCNY line of late.  When it was first introduced and still owned by the original company with the original designers, I purchased several great pieces.  Once it was sold and EXCEL Brands was hired to design the line, it was horrible i.e. matronly  and poor quality.   Hopefully, JC Penny will find some new deisgners to help them bring the line back to what it once was.