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Or me yesterday with my "hurricane mop and bucket"  that I bought from the Q.     


The orange mop accessorizes flawlessly with my gray sweatshirt and jeans. 

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@Elri  That’s so funny! Lol! Everytime Logo comes on I think of that too!😂


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When I watch Logo, I can not help but think that "The Circus Is In Town"

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@Elri wrote:

I did not intend the maid pic it to be mean, but at one point, one of the girls had so many tops, I just starting cracking up. 


I actually liked one thing the cute host had on, so I looked it up and was astounded at the prices.


Those tops are not substantial, and that is why they can layer so many.   Yet, the prices do not reflect that at all.  Outrageous pricing, in my opinion.   

The pic of Carol Burnett made me laugh--and  it is a much kinder pic than one of a real bag lady. If you added up the cost of just the items Lori was wearing together last night (skirt, tights, shoes, two tanks, one top, one sweater)--it would probably cost upwards of $600.  And, as my husband said in passing the tv, "She looks ridiculous!" 


I know there will be those who say, "You're not meant to wear everything together." But I must reply, "Why, then, does she show things that way, and personally model them all together?" Whatever happened to elegance and simplicity?


Reminds me of Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker:

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Colinka wrote: Whatever happened to elegance and simplicity?

@Colinka I think it went out with class and grace. 

When I watch those shows I say to myself if the models look that bad wearing all that stuff, I’m not even going to try it😦


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The "styling"  is a guarantee that you will not be cold outside nor would you need a sleeping bag if you go camping or glamping.

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  I used to be a big logo fan.The high prices & poor quality have turned me off. If Lori lowered her prices & improved the quality she would win back a lot of customers!! 

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I actually watched most of the show with Amy and Lori - and I thought to myself, "some people are born to talk." I'm usually home alone and my house is quiet - so I enjoy the excitement. I've never purchased Lori's clothes - but each time there's a presentation, I visualize it on me. I think Lori is a great business woman who deserve lots of credit!!!! There's obviously lots of people that purchase and wear her clothes. Good for Her!!!

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I agree with all of you! I like a lot of Logo. It has gotten too expensive for me to shop the line regularly. Yes, she looks silly with all the layers. Yes, she is laughing all the way to the bank. You're right: everything does not go with everything. The quality is lacking, and like most items...made in China or some other foreign country. That being said, I still enjoy the presentations occasionally and will purchase something IF I REALLY, REALLY like it and am pretty sure I won't have to send it back. And I've said this before and will say it again, even though nobody agreed with me: I dislike the way most of the models are styled with Logo. It is IMO a funky, fun, casual line and nothing in it goes with dressy shoes - least of all Lori's pumps. (I say those things, and I'm a fan!)

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I would hardly call it vitriol. It's not the style, it's the price and quality and the over the top sales pitch. Like Isaac often says, it's not rocket science.