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Stopped in today and there were some terrific deals - 70 percent off of clearance items.  Got lots of tees and a couple of hoodies for fall.  If you have one close by it might be worth a peak!  I like J Crew as they honor a military discount as well.

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@FastDogWalker2 ,

Thank You,

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@FastDogWalker2 I do have one nearby, thanks for the heads-up!


Haven't felt like I needed anything lately, so many summer clothes, lots new, some I didn't get to wear much last few years; I really feel all set. That said...sometimes some tees need freshening up, and I like Banana Republic and J Crew for those. BF loves their tees and shirts maybe we'll stop and take a look!

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They have an online site too in case there are none near.  Same items and prices. 

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I have some old J Crew T shirts that are still wearable after 20 years.  No other line has performed like that. Those sale catalogs were a boon to me, but I've never gotten into internet shopping with them.  Where are the factory stores located?  Well, I guess I can look those up.