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I thought the back of this gown was very pretty.

What do you think?



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@Desert Lily  Yes, very, very pretty.

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unique and flattering 

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It looks like an undergarment that should be covered.
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Re: Pretty From The Back

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For that body type...its exquisite from the back. Thoughtfully designed for standing in front of an audience with your back to them, taking vows. So unique!

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I agree with Pixie12.

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@Desert Lily I agree with you, very pretty

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@Desert Lily  I agree - very pretty!

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Very pretty dress.  The one thing is something about the sleeves. They appear to be attached to the dress at the underarms and finished with a long sleeve at about the wrist.  I think it would look maybe better with old fashioned long white gloves that come high up the arm.

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Extremely pretty!  This dress would need a head piece that didn't cover the back.