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In the past Isaac always had 24/7 shorts available but I don't see them this year.  I own 4 pairs because they are so well fitting on me.  Wonder if he will ever have them again.  I cannot wear pedal pushers because the backs irritate the heck out of the back of my knees and I just don't like the way they look on me. 10 or 11 inseam shorts work for me.

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Hsn carries Democracy shorts that are 11 and 13 inch inseam. They just had a TS the other day. Carry petites and regulars.

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I have not purchased any shorts, but I have been able to find some Isaac tops, pants, pedal pushers, etc. on eBay.  I only buy new with tags and a highly rated seller.  Mostly with free shipping and handling.  Sometimes I cannot find my first choice in terms of color, but it is better than not finding the item at all.