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Purge/restyle is over! Curating in progress.

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I needed to update photos for my closet archives (just a pet project of mine) since so much has changed in the past few years, so while I'm at it I thought I'd post them here, too.  
Definition of mishmash:  a confused mixture; jumble (which is exactly what my closet used to look like).  Definition of mash-up:  something created by combining elements from two or more sources.
The three sources I used to "create" a wardrobe are old (have been in my closet from 3 to 15ish years), new (purchased last year), and thrifted (within the past 3 years). 
I bought/thrifted exactly two items of clothing so far this year...well, let me re-phrase that:  I purchased/thrifted a few things this year and kept exactly two.  I know, SHOCKER!  Three months and two purchases...admit it, you don't believe me...I can't believe it either!  (I think it's one of the bonuses of my year-long Epic Closet Purge.)
I feel a shopping marathon is in order, though, especially with the coming transitional weather (which has always been a problem area in my closet), so I shouldn't brag! 
A side note about thrifting:   I have a few "rulez!"  Although I mostly shop for clothes, I have a pair of peds in my purse for trying on shoes.  Shoes get wiped down with hydrogen peroxide before they go in my closet.  I plan my thrifting trips and wear (or carry with me) a long sleeved tee and a pair of silk long johns underneath my street clothes for trying on.  I look for "new with tags," and almost everything has to be washable.  Thrifted items go straight to the laundry room (or dry cleaner) before they go in my closet.  I'm averaging $3 to $4 per thrifted item.
I'm going to put several pics in each post in order to move along quickly and so this thread doesn't get ridiculously long.  I'm not online like I used to be, so there will probably be several days in between posts (just like my weekly "Fashion Favorites" thread).  I didn't want anyone to think I'm ignoring your comments...I'm just not as active here (or anywere haha) as I used to be (**sigh**).
So, here goes and hope you enjoy the show.
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Re: My closet: From mishmash to mash-up...

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I don't need much...we've had maybe 7 or 8 days that were cold enough to wear heavy winter clothes with heavy base layers.  I wore my wool coat once in January.  We have about 6 to 8 weeks where, yeah, it's cold, but not freezing cold...I adjust to temps with differing base layer weights.  But, we're moving into early spring, so most of the wool and cashmere items in the first set of pics are about to go into storage (airtight bags with cedar under the bed).
These Trina Turk silk cashmere neck warmers (Rack) were super versatile for NC winters.  I throw them on with various tops...warm and cozy without the bulk of a long sleeved turtleneck...
Denim joggers...biggest splurge ever on one piece of clothing (including wool coats and handbags, shoes, or jewelry).  I really wanted a soft (think vintage) denim jogger, but would have been happy with cotton as long as they were perfect...a slim fit, not too long or short, comfortable, no drawstring, a neutral color that would go with everything.  
It felt like I tried on every pair of joggers on the planet...from $7 Fruit of the Loom men's joggers at Walmart to pricey denim from the premium denim brands.  Nothing was ever quite right. 
Then I saw these Rag & Bone Trompe L'oeil "Miramar" 100% cotton joggers (Nordstrom, new, good discount) that look like denim and figured I'd give them a try.  The multi-dimensional optical illusion (trompe l'oeil) is that everything you see...button, grommets, yoke, belt loops, pockets, distressing, whiskering, etc. is printed on cotton (underside is soft white cotton).  It's unbelievable how realistic it looks even up close.  (There are real side pockets.)
I've had them about 5 months and have worn them dozens of times.  They go with almost everything I own...from cashmere sweaters to summer blouses to jackets to tees and sweat you'll see them throughout the seasons.  Hand wash and drip dry overnight.  I can wear them with sneaks, sandals or flip flops.  I can run an errand or take a nap in them.  They check off everything I wanted in a jogger, and I LOVE them.  A few pics to show versatility...
Trina neck warmer
Amicale camo cashmere
R&B joggers
Silver Converse convertible sneaks w/low cut socks
CuddlDuds fleece-backed base layer and long johns (thrifted)
Duck's Head linen blend hoodie (thrifted)
White linen blouse (old)
Croc flip flps
(can't wait for summer to wear this outfit)
Detailed pic from R&B site
  Image description
Ribbed Chocolate brown 360 Cashmere
Brown/white striped button down, Lauren by RL (thrifted)
AG "Harper," mid-tone wash
Old boots
Liz Claiborne white (YAY!!) puffer vest (thrifted)
Black Nordstrom Signature cashmere turtleneck (old)
Old DG2 jeggings
Old Blondo boots  
Goes with almost everything (I wore it today with the camo cashmere).  Super warm...90% duck feathers...snaps...collar goes up above my ears, if needed. 
I asked Handsome if I looked like a big fluffy marshmallow.  He said, "A little, but big fluffy marshmallows bring back wonderful memories of beautiful night skies and cozy campfires."  This is as romantic and poetic as he's ever going to get hahaha!!  What do you think...marshmallow or cozy campfires?
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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

Love the white blouse especially and the pink sweatshirtSmiley Happy

Your view is also really pretty and your smileSmiley Happy

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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

I think these outfits look adorable on you and you are ready for adventure

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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

I adore your style!  You just look so pulled together but also so comfy!  I like that you give such details about how you obtained your items and so much information about them. You seem so organized in how your choose your clothing items so that they will mix and match and be long wearing!  Me?  I'm all over the place!  Keep posting your stuff --- it's awesome!  

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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

@MacDUFF you have a few cashmere pieces and I've never owned anything cashmere until I ordered a sweater from the Lunchtime Specials yesterday. Any tips on how to launder / take care of it? TIA

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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

@MacDUFF    Your outfits are great. I love the versatility of how you pair tops and bottoms.  Keep up th great work and keep sharing with us. 👍🏻😊👖👗👢🧣

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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

@MacDUFF.All those outfits look so good on you. I love the joggers with the camo. Makes me want to try denim joggers. Yours aren't in my budget, but they look great.

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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

I love your style and your clothing choices are fabulous. Do you have a youtube channel? I would love to follow your advice on putting an outfit together and a "look of the day" also admire your blend of new old high end and thrift!


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Re: My closet: A wonderful fashion mash-up...

I really enjoyed your post and appreciate all the detail.  You look great in all the outfits and love the joggers.  Will be so cute on a cooler summer day. Looking forward to seeing more! 😁